History & hosts of the Grubhof

Family Stainer and the Grubhof team

The success of the Grubhof is a testament to Maria & Robert Stainer’s dedication. They run Camping Grubhof as a family business together with an engaged team of colleagues.

Although Maria is not permanently present at the campsite, as she is also busy looking after our guests at the Pechtlgut Apartments in Lofer, she is our creative designer and always supports Robert with her passion and engagement.

Long-serving, loyal colleagues have helped make Grubhof what it is today: one of the most popular and most beautiful campsites in Europe – Austria’s ultimate insider tip.

Familie Stainer - Gastgeber am Camping Grubhof

Representative of many hardworking hands, let us introduce two team members here at Camping Grubhof:

Claudia - Teammitglied am Camping Grubhof
Claudia, the heart & soul as well as leader of the reception team, is dedicated to looking after our guests and is always on hand to provide valuable tips and advice.
Peter - Teammitglied am Camping Grubhof
Peter has been here since day one and is in charge of the further development of the campsite’s technical infrastructure.
Frühlingswiese beim Campingplatz Grubhof in Lofer

Family Hospitality

As a family business, a warm, sincere relationship with our guests along with friendly hospitality is our top priority. This is evidenced by countless guest testimonials and awards, and makes us one of the most popular campsites in Austria.


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Grubhof’s long-standing camping tradition

History of the Grubhof

1959 Campsite in the palace grounds

Back in 1959, the owner of the Grubhof Palace erected a campsite in the palace garden. Roughly at the same time, the Salzburg Electricity Company announced plans to build a hydraulic power station where Grubhof stands today. As the public came to recognise the scale of the project and the enormous impact it would have on the environment, the project was met with vehement opposition. The power plant project was finally scrapped in the mid 1960s.

1997 Family Stainer take over the campsite

In 1997, Family Stainer purchased the campsite, which until then had been run by various leaseholders. Maria and Robert Stainer took charge of the campsite a year later. And with that, with a ‘‘jump in at the deep end”, the Grubhof adventure began.

Robert Stainer recalls: “We had a rough diamond placed into our hands. All our efforts going forward were based around transforming this raw, natural tent site into a modern campsite, without losing that closeness to nature and its unique character. Because it had been possible for decades before us to maintain this jewel along the River Saalach, it was our responsibility to continue this tradition. 

We were able to prove our innovative capabilities quite early on, especially in the concept of our XXL pitches or the design of our sanitary facilities. We recognised immediately that nature and luxury could exist alongside one another. Here, you can experience nature without compromising on comfort. Camping feeling along the river, surrounded by Austria’s mountains – experiencing nature and freedom on generous XXL pitches while enjoying the luxury of our spa area and our modern, light-flooded sanitary facilities. High-quality camping without gimmicks, making what’s important count.”

Eco-Camping & philosophy

Because nature is paramount at the Grubhof in Salzburg, it’s our second nature to respect and protect it. We therefore run our business sustainably and environmentally consciously. As members of ECOCAMPING e.V., we are held to strict environmental and quality standards. Resource-saving operational management, reducing waste, efficient use of water and energy and much more – all this lies at the heart of our philosophy.

Because of this, we produce approximately 25% of our electricity needs ourselves through solar panels. Grubhof is also a founding member of GreenCampings.at, an association of 7 austrian campsites, all of whom are proud wearers of the European Eco-Label.    

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