Field in bloom surrounded by mountain scenery in Lofer

The weather at Camping Grubhof in Lofer

Look forward to a wonderful feel-good holiday

No matter what the weather is like, the mood is always good at Grubhof. The sunny disposition of your hosts and the Grubhof teams allows you to look forward to a great camping holiday.

  • 22.11.2019morning
    Temperature4°C/39°FSunshine50%Freezing level1700
  • 22.11.2019afternoon
    Temperature8°C/46°FSunshine70%Freezing level2400
  • 23.11.2019Saturday
    Temperature12°C/54°FSunshine80%Freezing level3000
  • 24.11.2019Sunday
    Temperature8°C/46°FSunshine70%Freezing level2300
  • Trend 
    TemperatureSunshineFreezing level

ForecastWe will experience typical foehn weather conditions on Friday. The sky will be bright with some mountain peaks being shrouded in “foehn fish clouds” (in technical jargon: “Altocumulus lenticularis”). The wind will be gusty at times and values will of course be mild.

TrendWe are in autumn now and thus in the middle of the foehn season! This time of year is particularly known for its long-lasting foehn periods.
Before Thursday we will experience just such a foehn period: the wind will be strong at times allowing fair and very mild weather.

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