Camping Park Grubhof by the River Saalach in Lofer


Cancellations & Fees

Cancellation fees

Bookings can be canceled at any time. Cancellation will only be accepted in writing, preferably by e-mail to The date of cancellation receipt is decisive.

Many things can happen between the time of booking and arrival and a cancellation is unpleasant for both parties. Therefore, we recommend guests purchase travel insurance with covid protection without surcharge. extent of coverage

Temporary change of cancellation fees until May 31st 2021
You can change your reservation up to 7 days before arrival and we credit 100% of your deposit for a later stay. In case of a cancellation up to 7 days before arrival we will pay back the deposit less a service charge of €20

This special cancellation policy would also apply during the period of an official travel restiction from your government for Salzburg.

Cancellation fees from June 1st 2021 without travel restriction from your government for Salzburg

  • 2 months prior to arrival  € 20,00 administration fee
  • 1 month prior to arrival  40% of the booking price
  • 1 week prior to arrival  70% of the booking price
  • For cancellations within the last week prior to arrival, the charge will be 90% of the booking price.

In case of another lockdown or closing of the borders you could change your reservation at any time. In case of change of your reservation we would credit 100% of your deposit for a later stay. In case of a canellation until the day of your arrival we would pay back the deposit less a service charge of €20. 

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance with Covid protection without surcharge!

Late arrival & early departure

We cannot accept responsibility for delays in arrival or premature departure (e.g. due to bad weather etc.). Fees still apply and will be charged for unused days. Likewise, pitches or rented accommodation that are vacated prematurely or not have not been allocated may be resold.

Legal jurisdiction
District Court Saalfelden. Austrian law applies.

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